PawTree Is Our Dog Food of Choice

What Dog Food We Use At Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens And The How’s And Why’s.

PawTree How And Why’s 

About three and a half years ago is when we were introduced to PawTree food. I had my dog Baxter, who was a mutt, but precious to me like only a furry friend can be. Baxter was already about five to six years old. We had also just gotten our new dame Penny, who was an adolescent dog. With Baxter, I had been raising him on hardware store brand food, Diamond Maintenance. I wanted to try PawTree however, because of the health benefits for the puppies I wished to breed. I continued feeding Baxter the store brand, but began feeding Penny the PawTree products. Having even just Penny on PawTree alone was a stretch for me. At that point in time I was a single mom with three kids, and I always felt there were more pennies going out than I had coming in. I truly didn’t think I could afford to feed both dogs PawTree, but soon, I found that I saved in other ways, not to mentioned felt much better about how I fed my pouches.

We kept the feeding of two separate foods up for about six months. Every time Penny didn’t finish a bit in her bowl Baxter was always ready to gobble the rest up. I started to realize that Baxter really preferred the PawTree over his food. He started eating less and less of the Diamond dog food and he kind of switched himself by always waiting for Penny’s left overs before starting on his bowl. So we decided to switch Baxter over as well. Some of the biggest things I started to notice, was when he ate PawTree he didn’t eat as much, he pooped less, and he started to trim up and loose weight. Additionally, Baxter always had a smell about him and he also was a pretty itchy pup. Always chewing on his paws. After having to take him into the vet on a regular basis the bills started to rack up. Only if I would have tried this sooner I probably could have saved a lot of money and a lot of comfort that could have eased him earlier. After getting his gut biome in order with probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes it was amazing how some of these life long issues started to not be an issue anymore. That’s when I started to see how much diet plays in our dogs over all health. 

A good diet is the foundation of good health. We like PawTree because it is all natural, no fillers, no by products, no soy, no wheat and no corn. There are no added colors, flavors or preservatives. This is one of the number one reasons PawTree is the winner. With no fillers and/or by products it makes this food very nutrient dense. That makes it so the amounts that are being given are loaded with all the nutrients they need and no flour and filler. This makes your dog eat less and poop less. Let’s be honest poop pick up is everyone’s least favorite chore around here. The less we have, the less groaning I have to hear from the teenagers.

Speaking of poop, I promise I’ll get off this topic soon, have you ever seen a dog eat another dogs poop? Well, when that happens it is both dogs problems, but it originally started with the dog that pooped. The reason the other dog is interested in it is because the first dog didn’t digest and absorb all of his food properly. Huge chance it is because the first dog doesn’t have the healthiest gut biome to assist in the processing of his food. I have already started your pup on, and strongly suggest keeping your pup on, Gastro Pro Plus. This capsule was the magic that Baxter needed. The probiotics cut down on his stinky gas and his skin stopped having dandruff and hot spots. If there was one supplement that you did this would be my number one pick. This tiny, once a day capsule, has the probiotics, prebiotics (for healthy gut biome) and enzymes (helps dog break down all food for maximum nutrient absorption) that a dog needs for proper digestion. In turn, that makes all the food go to work for your pup rather than be passed for another dog to think its a snack. Yuck! It even has some additional herbs that aide in digestion. The gut biome of your dog is extremely important and actually holds the key to your dogs health. If their biome is off, it makes it so that they don’t absorb what is needed. Again, I have already started your pup on Gastro Pro Plus. One tablet a day is treating the whole litter now. By the time your puppy comes home they will be at the point where if you sprinkle half a capsule daily over food (I do everyones supplements first thing in the morning at breakfast) and move to a full capsule around five to six months of age.

I also add the Salmon and Pollock oil to your puppies meals each morning. Just one pump on top of food for each puppy. This magical oil is reffered to as Liquid Gold for your dog and it is no joke! This stuff gives your dog that lustrous coat that is nice and plush. This is another item that helps your dog from the inside out. It doesn’t take long to feel and see the difference after giving it to your dog for just a week. Plus if you have a dog with a moderate shed coat than this helps to reduce the amount of shedding that occurs. This oil optimizes their immune system, helps with eye and ear development, supports healthy growth and development and improves your pups skin quality. I can tell a difference if I stop using it in our adult dogs. It is an everyday for us.

I have also started your pup on our NuVet Labs vitamin wafer. Just one wafer per day and they love the taste. We have had your puppy here and in a controlled environment their whole life. When they start making the trip to see you there is stress involved for your pup and in turn can lower your pups immunity. No matter what we do your puppy is still going to be going through a lot and it will take about three weeks for your pup to fully acclimate to your household. Keep in mind that everything will be new. First time without litter mates, new house with new sounds and smells and possibly even a new Time zone to get used to. With your puppy going through all these changes it can take a toll on your pups immune system. That is why we start your pup and keep all of our adult dogs on their daily boost of immunity. If you are interested in purchasing here is the link and you use purchase code 668308

I hope this helps give you some of the why’s on why we use PawTree. Also why and what supplements we do for them. Preventative medicine is not spoken about enough and your dogs diet plays such a roll in your pups health. The next two years are heavy growth years and so important for your dog to remain at optimum health and to insure they are getting all the proper nutrients. Not just for the now but for when they get older too. After my experience with the difference a healthy diet can make and the great results I have seen from PawTree it gives me the confidence to back this product. Even enough so to extend your health guarantee to five years.

I first started by signing up as a pet pro with PawTree because you pay a minimal monthly fee that gives you a shareable link for your own PawTree account and I received a percentage of each of my own purchases back. PawTree is a Direct Marketing Company and before any one gets up in arms about it. There are over 23 dog foods that pay commissions. They just don’t have as good of a product. Everything that is brought in through PawTree goes right back into the program in purchasing dog food for the puppies and other breeding dogs. In turn this is a great help with overhead. I received my commissions back on my own purchases and that was enough to allow me to provide good quality food and it was enough to make purchasing PawTree just as comparable to Hardware store prices. This option is available for everyone. Whether you are a guardian home or a customer If you every reach a point where you would like to receive your own commissions back, If you ever talk to someone who is wanting to switch over and try the new food after you talk with them. No matter what each account will get paw points that you can use towards purchases. You must keep your EZ ship scheduled to keep your points. Those are helpful too. Ez ships are easily edited to get different product each cycle. PetPro is always an option and I am always here if you need me. If you have any questions about how to use PawTree or how to earn with PawTree I am reachable at [email protected]