Why We Started Giving Our Dogs CBD Daily.

Why We Give CBD Everyday To Our Adult Dogs

Have you ever thought that your dog needed to take a chill pill? They’re actually quite a few moments where I’ve felt like my dogs needed one. We can probably all think of examples, the vets office, lot’s of company at the house, it’s the Fourth of July and fireworks are going off, or if you can just tell they are starting to get worked up. These are occasions when I’ve used CBD with our dogs over the past three years. So basically I use it on an as needed basis. After learning a more about the cannabinoid system at a recent convention, and all the benefits that come along with CBD in your dogs body, I was inspired to change my approach and share what I’ve learned.

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is in all mammals and is what is receptive to CBD. The system has two kinds of receptors. Broke up you have CB1 and CB2 receptor. CB1 receptors are found in the brain and nervous system and CB2 receptors are found on white blood cells, organs and outside the brain. There has been a huge movement into the study of CBD effects on canines, and I love when it gets backed by data. I have attached a couple studies done by universities about how CBD is showing great promises in helping with some major issues. We have known for some time of the positive effects it has for humans and now they are diving deeper into CBD research for dogs. The surface is being scratched, but I have a feeling as research progresses, we will continue to uncover potential benefits.

My experience in providing my pups CBD has been very positive. Recently, during the 4th of July, our neighborhood held a large party with professional level fireworks (those big mortars!). An hour before the event, we fed each of our dogs a 30 mg dose of CBD in treat form. Within an hour, they were noticeably calmer, and some where sleeping even as smaller fireworks began starting up. Once the big show started, we watched the show in our back yard. While the dogs weren’t asleep, and though the big booms still startled them, it was nothing like last year when our little Cocker Ari was shaking and wouldn’t come out from under the bed! 

We’ve tried some CBD from local pet stores and Amazon in the past, but the CBD mega from PawTree is the best that I have found! We tried oils, but they’re a little bit messier. I even had a bottle tip over in the cabinet before and leak oil all over (perhaps our fault with the lid!). Beside the mess and money down the drain, we also found it was more difficult to administer to our pups, some just didn’t like it. We love the CBD Mega because most of our dogs like it and they can eat it whole or crumble it into their meal.  There’s over 30 mg in each dose And is guaranteed or your money back. (This is a PawTree guarantee) That way you’re not out a bunch of money when you try it and don’t like it. If you have an especially picky dog like our princess Penny, I just wrap hers in the bacon and cheese wrap and it goes right down.  Link to the bacon and cheese pill/medicine wrap. 

Now, based on what I’ve learned, we give our dogs their CBD in their daily meals, except for any of our pregnant females.  After learning how CBD can help ease your dog throughout the day. Easing mild discomforts to helping calm anxiety. My thought was why wait til there is a major event when we can be easing the everyday discomforts as well as possibly staving off some of the major ones before they can even present themselves. Since it has shown so much promise in medical studies I truly believe that we are just going to continue to find benefits that this supplement helps the deeper we dive into research.  We wait until our dogs are six months old before starting it on a daily basis. 

Do you need to cut your dogs nails? Did they usually get a little feisty? Try some of the CBD mega and I promise it’s going to make it a much easier task to handle. I prefer to take measures to prevent it from happening in the first place and this is definitely in my arsenal for happy, healthy and heartwarming dogs.