Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

We Found A Couple Gems.

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We find some diamonds in the rough sometimes. We have a couple treat dispensing balls. These have kept our fur babies occupied quite a bit. We just use their regular kibble and I dust up a freeze dried piece of liver to dust them and voila kibble that now smells like a treat.

Freeze Dried Liver Pieces;

We absolutely love the circular ball one but be careful, we have lost it for a couple days until we find where it rolled under. Circular Treat Dispenser;

That’s why we got the irregular shaped one. And it does fine but dispenses treats a little too easily. I would suggest this for younger puppies though to keep them interested. This one also has the added bonus of not being able to roll away and under things as easily.

Irregular Shaped Treat Dispenser;

We tried Amazon’s choice snuffle mats and I have enjoyed filling this and watching the puppies utilize their nose to sniff them out. Great entertainment for them on rainy and snowy days.

Snuffle Mats;

We have found a treat bag helpful in the training of our dogs but also to help keep them focused throughout the day. This was an Amazon choice purchase as well. Extremely affordable and a useful tool when working with our dogs.

Treat Pouch;

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I have a little discussion on why I chose PawTree and how it is an extension of taking care of my loved ones. Including Fur Babies.

Paw Tree;

Thinking about Working with me and PawTree;